What are alternative ways of clearing grouts?

There are other options for removing impurities from the tile seams. However, they are much more labor-intensive, it is much less effective and just not safe.

Which is convenient – this drug from HG can be used to clean the surfaces with both white and colored tile with sutures. The only exceptions are painted and varnished seams. Should not be used and the means for processing marble surfaces and coatings of limestone rock.

For example, it is advised to use cleaning agents … toilets. Such products generally contain unsafe acid. To clean the joints similar to that of an enterprising housewife wearing rubber gloves, take an old toothbrush and toilet bowl cleaners. The picture still the same. Not only that, they will have to work hard toothbrush to somehow get rid of specific contaminants on the tile, so they also endanger yourself and all family members, spilling on the floor unsafe means …

Of course, all household chemicals should be used for its intended purpose. Because that is suitable for cleaning the surfaces of some unacceptable for washing other. That is why engineers at the factory TM HGv of Almere (Netherlands) has developed about 250 (!) Means for cleaning the house and the area around it, each of which is designed to address one specific task. All of them are safe for the consumers and for the environment.

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